Rapid Utility Knife (RUK) V2


The second version of the RUK keeps the simplicity of the original RUK but has some added features that everyone has been requesting.


• Pry bar (Aluminum  is for Light Duty tasks)


• Fishing line/string cutting opening


• 1/4″ hex for driver bits


• Plastic Pins for the blade to ride along (Edge saver) and keep the body together


• Easily disassembled for cleaning and care


The RUK V2 is a pocket size utility knife that uses standard utility blades and can be controlled all by one hand. It has a simple design to extend and retract the blade like you would with a sliding USB Flash drive but also locks in both the retracted and extended positions. It also has a bottle opener built right into the end that will never let you down. It also has a slot for a lanyard to be attached if needed.

Made in the USA

RUK V2 Black Anodized Aluminum

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