• Al Waisman

What Rush Limbaugh Meant to Me!

When I was asked to write something on the late Rush Limbaugh I thought to myself, "Why, and why would anyone even care what I would have to say?" But as time went by and I began to see everyone on social media wants to give their 2 cents worth, it all started to make sense to me. And I hope in my words written here you will also understand why I answered the call.

I was always interested in politics, ever since Ronald Reagan ran for office in 1980 back when I was a young lad at the tender age of 9. I always kept up with it, and to me past presidents were larger than life since back in my days teachers pretty much would tell you the good and the exceptionalism our country had to offer, which is a far cry from what we see being taught today which even rewrites history to show all white is bad and all brown and black is good.

Throughout the 90's I pretty much believed the garbage the mainstream media would indoctrinate us with. I thought the GOP was foolish to go after Bill Clinton because he got a BJ from an intern in the oval office, after all, look at who his wife is, ewwww. Never did the fact the real issue was that he had lied under oath even come to mind.

Around 2000 I was very apolitical so I almost voted for Al Gore because as a Jew I wanted to see a Jewish VP in my lifetime. Yes, I know, I know, stupid reason. But I ended up voting for W because of the last minute dirty trick of exposing a DUI that had happened decades before, and it's been a decision I have never regretted.

Back in 2000 my wife and I used to work from home together. We would play music to pass the time and relieve work tension. Until one day during the whole Florida pregnant chats mess we heard Rush Limbaugh on the radio and we were blown away. Of course I knew about Rush but never really cared to listen until then. Never really thought I had a reason to listen.

Rush quickly became our go-to when it came to all things politics and rarely did I ever disagree with him. The way he would explain things was second to none and he even went as far as inspiring me to get involved in local and state politics, which I did, between 2008-2014. When I was there I was surprised to learn Rush wasn't the most liked person around. Probably because he knew what all these "people" were.

I left politics because I just couldn't stomach all the backstabbing and disloyalty for nothing and he was still there chugging along between 9-12. My best friend which I had never even met and something I learned to appreciate during my regretful days in the political arena was still there to guide me at a time where the GOP had let me down so much that I wasn't even sure I could ever vote again. I have since put my entire days in politics away hidden deep like it's something to be ashamed of, along with 99.999% of the people which came out of those days. But I am an eternal staunch Trump supporter.

I never missed a Rush episode on The EIB Network app. In fact, when I went to bed on November 3rd thinking my guy had won in a landslide, only to awaken at 5am to see the CCP mannequin was ahead, all I wanted to do is hear Rush's voice telling me everything would be fine and our man would win reelection. He did tell us that that very morning, but he himself didn't know just how deep the DC swap ran.

Although I have pretty much known for over a year that this day would come it's still surreal to know I will never again hear his voice on the radio telling us everything will be fine and America will once again be great. I know they will name a replacement soon, and I will continue to listen, but another Rush we will never be blessed enough to have.

He was the voice for those who have no voice, he was the map for those who have no compass and he was the friend to those who needed one in times of political peril. He was a huge part of my life and he never knew me, and now he never will. The things he taught me were only second to what my parents have taught me. But perhaps the most valuable lesson he tough me was by his passing, where he once again exposed the hatred the left garners for people like me. People who just want to be left alone to do their business and live their lives in peace in a moral way.

God called home the talent he loaned us for 32 years, and by doing so left an unimaginable void which will never be filled. An irreplaceable part of us is now gone.

Rest Easy Rush! There will never be a week day I won't think of you between 9-12!


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