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  • Al Waisman

Unleashed Jeremy Hanson!

Updated: Jan 9

With all the political shows currently on the radio and podcast platforms, it has gotten harder and harder to find who you want to listen to. Additionally, and possibly more importantly, it’s tough to know who will be there to give you the God honest truth in a way that's balanced and simple to understand.

If you want to spend your time listening to someone who transcends the bounds of politics in favor of truth, who has the appeal of Rush Limbaugh, the "insider information" of Sean Hannity, the straight in your face attitude of Mark Levin, and the gift of story telling of Michael Savage then I may have found the right person for you. Jeremy Hanson.

Unleashed Jeremy Hanson is a new concept in talk radio that makes me ponder why it has taken this long to create. Hanson talks for an hour each day speaking to his audience as a friend. He doesn't lecture you on politics, instead, he takes an approach that it’s not about Republican, Democrat or Libertarian but the heart of an American that matters. He brings a common-sense approach to his show rarely seen in partisan programming on either side of the political spectrum.

Hanson started out as a small podcaster but was able to capture the attention of the late radio personality "Doc Thompson." Thompson was known to have grown from similar roots when he himself caught the eye of the media giant Glenn Beck and his own The Blaze network.

Doc Thompson was the star of The Blaze's morning show for a few years but then he decided to start his own radio empire by founding "5-0 Radio." And the first phone call he and his people made was to Jeremy Hansen in order to bring him on to 5-0 Radio. Today Hanson is on his own doing his own show which he calls himself the first "Apolitical Radio Show."

Since Hanson is not bound by any corporation telling him what he can and cannot say he has the liberty to tell us the truth. He has a huge following on various podcast platforms, from Spreaker all the way to Apple Podcast.

So, if you're looking for a fresh voice of reason in a time when it seems like reason has gone out the window, who instead of siding with Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians or Independents sides with sanity, give Unleashed Jeremy Hanson a listen every Monday through Friday. You won't be disappointed.

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