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  • Al Waisman

The Matt Locke Show!

There are so many choices out there for us Conservatives when it comes to talk radio. So much so that if you go on any podcast app and you type Conservative Talk it will take you a while to sort through every show that's available. But as a huge fan of right wing radio myself I have to say one of the best is "The Matt Locke Show."

Now, if you aren't as much into listening to podcasts or AM radio as I am I know what you're thinking right about now. "Who is this Matt Locke guy and why is this guy trying to sell me on him?

Matt Locke is a radio and TV personality that's been around major terrestrial and internet platforms for years. He is currently on America's Voice Network where he is the roaming reporter at every rally President Trump holds.

I discovered him when he was on the Mojo 5.0 Radio which was founded by the late great Doc Thompson who originally did the morning show on Glenn Beck's The Blaze network. And when a dear friend, radio personality Jeremy Hanson, From "Unleashed The Jeremy Hanson Show" asked me to do an honest review of Matt Locke, I jumped at the chance. Not only because Matt is an awesome media personality so much so that I consider it an honor to do this review, but also because I'm a huge fan of his who's been listening to him for years. So much so that I have number 6 of 10 of his limited run of signed hats he put out last year.

What really sets Matt appart from the rest of the pack is the way he does the show. It's just him speaking to the listener the entire time in a voice and tone that's very pleasant to listen to. He adds in a lot of political inside baseball information with a big sprinkle of humor and sarcasm. When you are done listening to his daily show you will know everything you need to know about the days politics. He really is a political encyclopedia and he delivers the information to you in a fun and clear concise way.

But what is perhaps the best part about Matt's show is that in this day and age where we are all in a constant hurry and we don't always have 3 hours a day to devote to listening to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity or Mark Levin but we still want to get our news along with some colorful commentary and insight in only one hour per day, there is no need to look any further.

Just head on over to The Matt Locke Show wherever you download your daily podcasts. And while you're at it don't forget to also download his weekly podcast "Beer for Brunch," which doesn't disappoint in the fun department.

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