• Al Waisman

The Icky Stick!

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

In a time when we all really don't know what to do, or even what to think here comes the ultimate tool for the person who just rather not take any chances with their health and the health of others.

It's called the Icky Stick. It's a tool like hundreds of others being seen all over social media these days. But that makes this one stand out, and what made me buy one for my wife who's an essential worker, was the fact that this is the only one which actually claims it can open round door knobs.

And the ad on social media actually shows it doing just that.

Although I was a bit skeptical at first it's true. After a bit of a learning curve you will have no issue whatsoever opening any door with it. And it's super heavy and robust, not big enough to not be uncomfortable to carry but not the other weak tools out there which are useless.

As it turns out the stick is made in the USA, Bakersfield California to be exact by a really good guy, Kevin, whom I've actually gotten to know after asking him to tell me more about his company in order to write this review.

RekMax3D consists of 3 people, himself, Scott's Fabrication and Monster Anodizing. And the best part is they all work under the same roof in a good old American city, Bakersfield California. They all have expert knowledge in agriculture, dairy, oil and gas, chemical technology, computer programming, and product development.

They specialize in CNC milling, CNC routing, injection molding, laser engraving, laser cutting, vacuum forming, 3D printing and prototyping of all types.

When I ordered my Copper Icky Tool for my wife I asked for it to be in copper, which is a bit more expensive because of the metal cost but is known for having more germ fighting properties. It actually kills germs by dehydrating them. Isn't that cool? Well, Kevin even had the tool I ordered engraved with Kittens which my wife loves. Now she uses this tool everyday.

This is what America is all about. American People selling American Products through American Ingenuity. RekMax3d is America.


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