• Al Waisman

The Guys From GilTek Have Done it Again!

This time GilTek has managed to make something as ordinary and plain as a wallet cool and exciting, no fuss and just plain fun. Not what you usually think about when you think of a wallet. Don't you agree? Well, if you do this will change your entire outlook on what a wallet should be, just like it did for me when I used the "RAW" (Rapid Access Wallet) for a week.

I received one of the prototypes from GilTek with the promise to do an honest review on it. The moment I got it I was really excited because I know how hard GilTek works on their products and how refined they are. And this one doesn't disappoint.

Once I opened the envelope I see a blue small contraption and a green one that looks about the same but is noticeably thicker. Both are very well made from what you can easily tell was a solid piece of Aluminum and are very small to even consider being a wallet that will hold multiple credit cards. But they are. The small one holds up to 6 credit cards and the large one holds up to 9. I quickly got my old wallet out and decided to give the RAW a try.

The next day I, after a day of carrying it wasn't really impressed. So I went back to my older wallet, but then oddly enough I started to miss the RAW and how easy it was to use and how small it is in the pocket, so I decided to go back to it.

It does take a bit of getting used to the idea if you come from using a bifold for decades, but after using it you start to notice the bifold is cumbersome and just a huge waste of space you can use to carry other things. A week later I just can't see myself carrying anything else. This is the best wallet I have ever carried.

Only complaint I had for the GilTek team is that if you're old school like I am and sometimes actually carry cash there is nowhere to hold it, but they have advised me that the final product will offer a money clip and even a leather cover if you are into leather, so now I can easily say I have found the perfect wallet.

This project has already been funded by more than 150% over it's target on Kickstarter and it will soon go into production at a major scale. So keep an eye out for this excellent addition to the GilTek line of products that are top notch, and as always, made in Colorado USA by Americans, for Americans!

*Final product material will offer a choice of Aluminum, Titanium and Carbon Fiber!


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