• Al Waisman

The 2020 Election!

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

As of today, thanks to a spineless Supreme Court, things are looking very grim for our side. But no matter how much the left tries to ridicule people like us, I will never believe Joe Biden, a 48 year tired politician offering the same old same old, was able to garner over 80 million votes without extreme and coordinated voter fraud. That's more votes than any president in history, all while hiding in his basement. But at the same time unlike our liberal counterparts during their unhinged past 4 years as of today we have to face the reality that a Biden or a Harris administration will be a reality.

That being said I also have to add that more than feeling defeated I feel an intense sadness. Not because we may have lost a great president and leader, maybe greater than we deserved. I'm sad because the man who did so much for us, for all of us, was just slapped down like Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush. He didn't deserve this after he showed us our nation could in fact be great again.

We had a pandemic recovery GDP of over 30% while past presidents told us we had to be grateful with a GDP of 1%.

We had an unemployment rate lower than ever. With an even lower than ever unemployment among blacks and hispanics.

We were told we could never beat China..... for Trump's 4 years, we did.

We were told the we could only dream of a peaceful Middle East, for those 4 years the Middle East had peace.

We were told we couldn't be energy independent, for 4 years we were.

We were told American jobs needed to go overseas because Americans weren't as hard working or prepared as people in Mexico, India and China, for Trump's 4 years we had jobs and corporations were coming home.

With President Biden or President Harris I predict in a year we will be back to begging Saudi Arabia for oil as Israel burns. We will be back to a 1% GDP and in multiple new wars, as China economically rapes us every which way possible. But no worries, Biden won't be tweeting "mean things" or calling out the main stream media for the fraud that they are. In fact, the media, along with the degenerates in Hollywood will be busy telling us on a daily basis how grateful we should be for the crumbs they let us keep at the end of our work day, just like they did during Obama's 8 years.

President Trump proved to us America is great, but thanks to a cheating swamp that's more embedded than even he thought, and a complicit media along with the degenerate Hollywood elite that brainwashes people on a daily basis, we were told once again America isn't great and that we're destine to be one nation amongst many. That American exceptionalism is just a mirage. That the idea which is America is only just that, an idea, or a myth which never existed.

But for those 4 years we were great.

I for one will always be thankful for President Trump giving us the gift of knowing all those patriotic slogans and platitudes I've heard since I was a small child were more than just made up mumbo jumbo from older people trying to romanticize their youth.

President Trump, history will be very kind to you, and generations later will try to understand why the embedded nation's elite, waged war on you and your supporters. As for myself, I am, and always will be, a proud "Trumpian!"