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  • Savannah Pointer

Texas Gov Notified White House of Texas' Decision on Immigration

Updated: Jan 12

Thanks to a recently signed executive order, the Lone Star state will be the first state to officially decline any further refugees in the 2020 fiscal year.

In a letter to U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Abbott said he “cannot consent to initial refugee resettlement” in 2020.

"This decision does not deny any refugee access to the United States. Nor does it preclude a refugee from later coming to Texas after initially settling in another state," Abbott wrote.

But, Abbott wrote, Texas can’t accept additional refugees this year because Congress has left the state “to deal with disproportionate migration issues resulting from a broken federal immigration system.”

“Texas continues to have to deal with the consequences of an immigration system that Congress has failed to fix,” Abbott said. “At this time, the state and non-profit organizations have a responsibility to dedicate available resources to those who are already here, including refugees, migrants, and the homeless — indeed, all Texans.”

Abhi Rahman a Texas Democratic Party spokesman responded to Abbott saying that in “complete opposition to our Texas values” by barring refugees.

“Refugees are not political pawns and bargaining chips to advance anti-immigrant policies,” Rahman said in a statement according to USA Today.

“We should be welcoming refugees to Texas instead of ending a program that saves lives.”

Texas has historically resettled more refugees than any other state in the union has Republican on board with Abbot’s plan.

“This is the right position," U.S. Rep. Chip Roy, a Republican from Hays County said according to USA Today. “The federal government has utterly failed Texas, the nation, and immigrants. We endanger both Americans & immigrants when we continue w/ failed open borders. We should secure our border & modernize our immigration system.”

The publication also quoted state Rep. Matt Schaefer, a Republican from Tyler who said that “the same Fed Govt that asks us to receive more refugees has failed to address border security,” and added that “non-border states can step up.”

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