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  • Savannah Pointer

Some Evangelicals Frustrated with Franklin Graham's Comments to Pelosi on Impeachment

The Rev. Franklin Graham called out House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and those in the media who support her agenda.

Graham said that the impeachment of President Donald Trump is a "never-ending charade" much like the "Russia hoax," and that those in the "liberal media" along with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) "have lied and continue to lie" about Trump, CNS reported.

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is saying President Trump is ‘impeached for life,” Graham said in a Facebook post. “It’s sad that never has there been such a level of hatred as there has been for Donald Trump from the Democrats and the liberal media.

“Why? It may be because he hasn’t bowed down to them—he hasn’t cowed to the media or to Nancy Pelosi and they can’t stand it. They have lied and continue to lie. President Donald J. Trump has consistently done what he thought was best for the American people and what he told the voters in 2015-2016 he was going to do.

“This impeachment is about embarrassing the President and trying to win the next election at all cost. They hate him so much that they wanted to soil his reputation and make him one of three presidents in American history to be impeached. But I believe the American voters see through these lies and through this never-ending charade.

“The Russia hoax was such a huge distraction and now the impeachment. I pray God will strengthen our President and Vice President Mike Pence and watch over their families and protect them from the lies and false accusations of the left.”

One commenter chastised the internationally recognized teacher saying, "Mr Graham, your name demands respect given to you by your father. For you to take a stand for anybody that has continually lied, bully, and everything else he is accused of doing is not only WRONG but totally sad on your part. WHY are you lowering yourself so low? Let the justice system take its course. Remember, politics and religion do NOT mix."

Another questioned whether it was truly Graham that wrote the post saying, "Is this really Franklin Graham’s writings? He’s making judgements of people he does not even know. Seems to me judgement of others is not in his job description. If this is not his penmanship, and it is known, why would some repost it?"

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