• Al Waisman

RUK 2 by Gil-Tek

I was hanging out with a friend during the holiday season. As usual, he brought over the craft beer that he's into at the moment and while I have my drink of choice, A&W Diet Root Beer. But don't worry, this isn't a review on beer (craft or root).

As we sat down to our drinks, he asked me if I had a bottle opener. I replied "Hell if I know, I don't use one, everything I open is twist off." He looked at me with a smirk and dug into his pocket for this odd-looking contraption and opened his beer with it.

Now, of course, because I need to know everything I asked him what it was. He fished around in his pocket again and handed it to me. I found myself holding what looked like a small utility knife, but the more I looked at it and after asking him how it's used the more I am intrigued by this little gadget.

He explained to me that it's called a "Ruk 2" which stands for "Rapid Utility Knife." It's made by Gil-Tek, which is a small company based in Colorado which was started and is run by three brothers, two of whom I later learned are Veterans (something they don't mention because they want us to buy their products due to their usefulness and quality, not because of who they are).

After my friend left I ran to the computer to look up the website in order to buy one. As it turns out, GilTek is an American born and bred company that does all their manufacturing in house. After seeing that, I was sold as I have a soft spot for Veteran family owned and operated companies who make quality, long-lasting, reasonably prices products here in America.

The website offers a wide variety of the Ruk 2 knives made from different metals anywhere from bare and anodized aluminum, to brass, copper and even titanium all with different colors and designs and an optional clip.

I ordered a black aluminum anodized and a Cerakoted version which is done by DK Customs (also a family-owned company and can do almost any design you can think of). The one I got is the "Zombie version" and it's really badass.

(One quick note is the black oxidized version seems to be smoother than the Cerakoted one when it comes to deploying the blade, but it's not enough to be a deal-breaker or ever an afterthought after using it a couple of times. Plus the Cerakoted one looks like a piece of art worthy of display.)

What my friend neglected to mention was everything this little tool does! I was under the impression it was just a bottle opener and a utility knife, but that's far from the truth.

This bad boy is also a Plybar/flathead screwdriver, wire cutter or string cutter and a hex bit driver. That's pretty impressive for a little tool that disappears in your pocket.

But what's perhaps the best feature of them all is that the utility blade is made to be deployed with one hand and can actually be removed without any tools. That means no more losing your knives (or having to mail them to yourselves) at TSA checkpoints because you forgot to leave it at home. Just remove the utility blade and throw it away, then buy a new blade when you get to your destination.

I always carry a knife because you never know what you might need it for when you're out and about. And for me I've discovered the best full-size knife to carry is a Swiss Army huntsman knife, because it has everything I have ever needed and is not cumbersome enough to make it a chore to carry. However, this little Ruk 2 will be joining that knife in my pocket on the daily because it's everything the Swiss army knife isn't and a whole lot more.


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