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  • Al Waisman

Rocci Stucci & Scotty Roberts, Your New Best Friends!

Being the radio talk show podcast junkie that I am I'm always looking for new and innovative show formats and ideas to listen to. Rocci Stucci's The Situation Room doesn't disappoint.

Rocci himself is a staunch patriot and constitutionalist while being a philosopher who educates on everything that has to do with politics and history, and current politics as it pertains to history. But Rocci is not alone, his cohost and partner in crime, Scotty Robert's is a world traveler, conservative intellectual and on top a brilliant artist.

Now, let's face it, I know what you're thinking, "These guys must be stuck up pompous asses as boring as a night at the opera after losing a bet to your wife," and I don't blame you for pondering that idea. But it couldn't be further from the truth. These two characters are what I like to call my two best friends who sit down and shoot the breeze with me every night.

Now the biggest twist to the show these two guys put on every night is the chemistry they have together, which is rare... so they can talk about anything while at the same time entertaining you. The show itself covers a wide variety topics from current events, politics, life, conspiracies, paranormal and more. But did I mention paranormal? They give voice to the voiceless and never, ever pretend to be smarter than Common sense, which I'm sure you know is a rare commodity these days.

So sit back after a hard day, relax and just listen to friends shooting the breeze as they drink a cold one and smoke a cigar while they bring their own form of empathy of life to the airways. If you want, call into the show and join them, but be forewarned, they tolerate all opinions, but be ready to defend it if they don't agree, just like you would have to do when you sit down with real friends.

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