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  • Al Waisman


A key witness against Harvey Weinstein is in now in the hospital after being run down by a car.

The website Law & Crime reported Dr. Ziv's accident "may be seen as suspicious by some, given the timing."

"A forensic psychologist who testified for the prosecution at the Harvey Weinstein trial about “rape myths” was hit by a car while crossing a street and has multiple broken bones, Law&Crime has learned.

Dr. Barbara Ziv is currently hospitalized.

Law&Crime attempted to learn more about when and where the incident occurred. We received confirmation by phone that Ziv is in the hospital, but no more information than that was forthcoming. Ziv is based in the Philadelphia area, so we reached out to Philadelphia Police. We have not heard back.

Though there is no evidence to suggest that Ziv being hit by a car is in any way related to the Weinstein trial, this may be seen as suspicious by some given the timing of the incident. Weinstein’s history of having people followed is well-documented; so are alleged threats against those who have spoken out against him."

As some of you might recall Dr. Barbara Ziv was the a forensic psychologist who served as the witness who explained why Weinstein's victims stayed friendly with him even after being raped. Dr. Ziv's is being credited as giving the testimony which was considered crucial to the jury handing down a guilty verdict.

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