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  • Savannah Pointer

Pat Sajak And James Woods Stand Up For Melania Trump

Celebrities Pat Sajak, longtime host of “Wheel of Fortune” and actor James Woods are two rare conservatives in a world of primarily politically liberal celebrities, and they aren’t shy about their beliefs.

Both Woods and Sajak have been vocal about their political beliefs on Twitter, sometimes backing one another up.

That was the case on Monday when Woods shared an image of first lady Melania Trump with some of the White House Christmas decorations.

Woods accompanied the tweet with verbiage calling out print publications for not featuring the first lady, the way they did our previous first lady, Michell Obama.

“Since no American magazine will put her on a cover, we’ll just have to celebrate her ourselves.”

The image featured an image that the FLOTUS’s own Twitter account had sent in addition to other White House decorations.

“The @WhiteHouse is sparkling for the Christmas season!”

Woods tweet received a variety of response from his followers, but strong support from Sajak, who agreed with Woods assessment, and said the former model’s primary flaw to those in mainstream publishing seemed to be her choice of spouse.

“If she were married to someone the media approved of, it would be all Melania all the time. Every move would be breathlessly recorded and every outfit would be featured in multiple publications. Her intelligence and beauty would be highlighted 24/7.”

Sajak’s tweet also received both positive and negative feedback, however many of his followers appeared to appreciate the Hollywood insider’s support of the first lady.

“I’m proud of you Pat for telling it like it is.”

“Quite the contrary... she comes across as warm, caring, strong, confident, and humble believe it or not. I would love to meet her!”

“As it should be. Melania is gracious and beautiful and she should be treated better. I can't believe how despicable the left and most media treats her. They should be ashamed."

“Whoa Pat hold on....i’ll take a ‘T’ as in Truth.”


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