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  • Savannah Pointer

Opinion: Why A Gun Free Virginia is a Broken Virginia

Gun-free. It’s an ironic term since it is indicative of a space that is anything but free. Another irony is found in the state of Virginia would play a leading part in taking away one of the freedoms where so many lost their lives to protect them.

From the time that we are young we learn about the crucial role that Virginia played in the birth of the American Revolution. Perhaps that’s why they are further along in the evaluation of a people’s choice to give away freedoms, because Americans have actually been there longer than anywhere else.

However, I think we would be remiss if we did not step back and take a look at why the Founders sat, in Virginia, and decided that we should have freedom to bear arms.

There are a plethora of individual reasons that a person could point to as the most important, but the overarching theme is this: they knew something that we didn’t.

The large majority of us in America today have never lived under tyranny. We have never had anyone tell us that if we disagreed with someone else, we would lose our livelihood or our lives. Those who settled America, and who fled to the colonies thereafter, had.

They knew about the truths that are self-evident, and the ones that you find over time, like that absolute power corrupts absolutely.

It’s been said that historically when a government takes guns from their people it is typically a precursor to activity that would make those people want to shoot them.

In the case of Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, he put the cart before the horse and told us just months ago that he was willing to allow some of his smallest citizens to die, and if we don’t get the hint from that, I’m not sure what the Founding Fathers would say about us.

As Benjamin Franklin so eloquently put it:

“We must, indeed, all hang together or we most assuredly, we shall hang separately.”

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