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  • Savannah Pointer

Opinion - The Movement of Women Back Toward the Alpha Male

The #MeToo movement brought with it a lot of questions about men in power. Some hate it, some love it, but before you roll your eyes and click away (because let’s face it, we’re all a little sick of giving air time to the jerks who take advantage of women) ask yourself this: What do you think a man should be?

It’s a big question and any individual’s answer is likely going to be a combination of nurture and nature. However, there appears to be a trend among young women especially that is making them prefer to date the traditional alpha male again.

That could be the result of women today feeling largely unthreatened by men due to the safeguards that a civilized society provides, but the argument could also be made that no matter what feminists want to say about their movement, women have an innate desire to be taken care of.

A mid-2018 article in The Conversation asked a similar question, asking if women’s preference for tall dominant men makes gender inequality inevitable.

Psychologist and author Jordan Peterson hit on that issue in a 2018 address, saying that women “don’t even like harmless men.”

“What women want are dangerous men who are civilized, and they want to help civilize them. That’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ …”

“If you think women don’t want that then you better bloody well come up with an explanation for ‘50 shades of Grey,’ which is the most rapid selling novel in human history, and emerged at exactly the same time that all of this noise about the absence of gender roles is being produced. It’s a perfect female fantasy … it’s ‘Beauty and the Beast,’” Peterson said.

So, the question then becomes … Why? Whether you believe in a an intelligent creator or in random happenstance that brought the world into existence, the one thing we can’t deny is that society gets along better, physically, psychologically and generationally when men are manly and women respect that.

As someone who believes in intelligent design and a creator who made us with a natural desire toward His order, the answer is simple for me. Men are, in my opinion, intended to protect women, and women to be treated as the “weaker vessel.”

However, even if you don’t share my opinion, if I were to stand my sister and brother in front of you as a knife-wielding maniac held a blade to your throat, even your evolutionary psyche would almost assuredly choose the 6’6” lumberjack to save you. You’d then choose the 5’7” nurse to clean and bandage your wound because knowing how to capitalize on someone's strengths isn’t a weakness, it’s the power found in freedom to choose.

Use that freedom to choose wisely.

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