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  • Savannah Pointer

Melania Suffers Attack From University Alum For Historic Award

First Lady Melania Trump made headlines once again as some of her opponents have spoken out against her being chosen for an honor that no first lady has received in the history of the award.

As Palm Beach Atlantic University has announced that it will be honoring first lady Melania Trump as their 2020 Woman of Distinction, according to The Hill.

The Christian university has been handing out this award for more than two decades, however, this will be the first time in the school’s history that a first lady has been given the title.

However, not everyone is delighted about Trump receiving the award. Kyra Kinnman of Scottsdale, AZ who is an alumna of the university said in her opinion piece for the Palm Beach Post that, “choosing First lady Melania Trump as PBAU’s Woman of Distinction will not only affect the reputation of the school, but of those who are now alumni.”

Kinnman said furthermore that, “selecting Trump as the 2020 Woman of Distinction is a misguided, embarrassing choice at best and a calculated, amoral choice at worst.”

The PBAU alum justified her opinion using several examples, including a substantial paragraph on Trump’s wardrobe choice when she visited the southern border some months ago when she wore a jacket with the text “I DON’T REALLY CARE, DO U?” on the back.

The article’s author also accused the first lady of having “done nothing to separate herself from the nationalist, racist narrative often promulgated by the Trump White House” and took aim at her “Be Best” campaign.

Kinnman closed her opinion article by stating what she believed was the true reason Trump won the award saying, “I am fairly certain that this decision was more calculated and had a fiscal agenda …”

The editor’s note at the end of the 2015 PBAU’s article added that “The Woman of Distinction luncheon sold out within hours.”