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  • Al Waisman

In The End They All Stick Together!

Amidst the mounting calls for the expulsion of Senator Mitt "Traitor" Romney after he decided to break with the party he claims to be part of and vote with the Communist Democrats it seems his niece who is the chair of the GOP is staying very silent about the matter.

yup, this is as far as she is willing to go.

Breitbart Reports:

"While she says she “disagreed” with Romney on this, McDaniel has not indicated she would support any action to hold him accountable for the vote. Donald Trump, Jr., President Trump’s eldest son, tweeted multiple times throughout the day on Wednesday after the RNC chairwoman’s uncle’s announcement that the GOP should formally remove Romney from the party."

Mitt "Traitor" Romney needs to be removed from the GOP and made an example that the days of the RINOS in the Republican Party are over, but sadly as always it looks like McDaniel is just another weak Republican chair, just like Michael Steele was.

What McDaniels doesn't understand is we the people don't care if he's her uncle, her father, her great grandfather or her gardner, we want to see action taken against this traitor and we want to see it now. if not the GOP will continue to lose supporters. Because let's face it, only reason the GOP is even relevant at this point in time is because of President Donald Trump, because we all know very well they are the party of "Can't be done."

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