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FBI finally admits to "SPYING" surveillance & wiretapping!!


Christopher Wray the now head of the FBI says to the FISA court in a hollow apology that yes we did spy, yes we did wiretap and we apologize.

In a statement written to the FISA court Monday Wray writes "The FBI behaviour surveilling the Trump campaign was unacceptable and unrepresentative of the FBI as an institution and that the FBI DEEPLY REGRETS the errors and omissions identified by the inspector general in his report."

The hollow apology is little to calm the American people who have watched our alphabet agencies weaponized as a political arm of the deepstate. The American people want a apology, President Trump deserves an apology.

The Americans seeded fury is not just about the admission of the FBI spying, lies and deception. It is about justice the cornerstone to our freedom and liberty. Will the tide turn and allow for the prosecution of the felonies admitted? Or will the American people have to endure "No Justice or Just Us"?

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