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"EDC Defense Tool" by Readyman

In a time when we are living through pandemics, riots, looting, terrorists posing as social justice warriors, and who knows what else the rest of the year might bring I got to thinking about my everyday carry options which would bring me some kind of protection while living in a state like California where it's pretty much impossible to get a concealed carry permit.

I've carried a knife since my early teens, out of utility, not for security. But let's be honest, no one wants to seriously injure a 16 year old wannabe "Marxist Freedom Fighter" who got most of his paramilitary training playing video games in him mom's basement. So I started to look for alternatives. There are stun guns which are way overpriced for that they give you. And there are tactical weapons such as pens. I looked at them all but although useful I wasn't impressed with any of them. Until I found something different from a company called "ReadyMan."

It's call the "EDC Defense Tool" and it's pretty cool.

Here in California it's illegal to carry brass knuckles. But this isn't that although it acts in pretty much the same way. It's also a tool and can open beer bottles. So you can down a cold one after defending yourself from the modern garden variety Marxist. They cost $15 for the aluminum version but I decided to spring for the additional $15 and buy the Damascus Steel version.

But the best part about this tool are the people behind it. ReadyMan is actually a community which was founded by U.S. Special Operations Forces veterans and skilled outdoorsmen. They create custom tools and implement time-tested man skills to help inspire members to be prepared for the unexpected in our modern era of chaos and uncertainty.

They offer outdoor survival tactics and gear, home defense techniques & products, exciting content, and powerful information to help facilitate members to be ready, which is priceless.

Jeff Kirkham leads the ReadyMan crew after serving almost 29 years as a Green Beret. During that time he amassed a great deal of knowledge and real life experience pertaining to self defense, survival, and tactical situations those of us "civilians" wouldn't even be able to dream of. Jeff is full of out of the box ideas which are based on real life experience.

ReadyMan is located, and most of their products are made in Provo, Utah, in the good ole US of A!


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