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  • Savannah Pointer

Calls for the Secret Service to Investigate Comedian George Lopez Following Social Media Activity

Comedian George Lopez piqued the interest of conservatives and liberals alike when he offered to accept a reduced ransom for President Donald Trump's head.

Lopez made his comment on an Instagram post by Chicano World Star that cited the bounty which is set at $80 million for “Donald Trump’s head” and offered after the president’s push back against the country’s military action.

“We’ll do it for half,” Lopez said, seeming to indicate that he and others would like to decapitate the Commander-in-Chief.

The Latino comedian’s comment garnered over 3000 “likes” and more than 700 comments as of Tuesday morning, some supporting him and some calling for his arrest.

“You should go to prison for that comment,” said one enraged reply.

Another seemed to find the comedy in Lopez’s comment and said, “You know how they are, hypocrisy on steroids. Get ready for the heat George. Only Trump our Supreme Leader can talk like that.”

Turning Point Action co-founder Ryan Fournier weighed in calling Lopez and the left “sick” and asking the Secret Service to evaluate the comment:

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