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Bernie Sanders Field Organizer says American cities will burn, violence and chaos!!!!!

According to Bernie Sanders field organizer Kyle Jurek, if Bernie Sanders doesn't win the nomination cities will burn. Kyle Jurek goes on to say Milwaukee will be the first. Violence, chaos and cops fighting in the streets will ensue.

According to Bernie Sanders field organizer he states that free education Bernie Sanders whole premise is actually a re-education tool designed to push people into their box of thinking.

What box and who?? Well the Communist apology for Gulags is a pretty good start at understanding what THEIR actually means. Re-Education means the benefits of communism and the psychological manipulation or brainwashing of the masses to be indoctrinated into that philosophy and practice.

They go on to say that Gulags really weren't that bad of place and they should be instituted in America for MAGA supporters. Kyle Jurek than goes onto saying that billionaires should be in forced labor gulags breaking rocks 12 hrs a day.

This type of re-education is proudly and boastfully encouraged. Finally if that doesn't work they have the final solution of burning down our cities and committing murder - violence. Here is the video!!


Very Scary Stuff!!

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