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  • Al Waisman

Another Washed Up NFL Player, Albert Haynesworth Directs Iran to Attack the White House!

And it continues.

This time Breitbart is reporting that former NFL player and dead beat Dad Albert Haynesworth has taken it upon himself to not only express his hate against President Trump, but to also post a picture showing Iran where to strike.

Breitbart Reports:

"Many of Haynesworth’s own fans began to criticize the troubled former NFL player for his post urging Iran to commit a terror strike against the White House. The criticism grew loud enough that Haynesworth deleted the offensive post.

“I deleted the last post because literally you people think I was trying to direct Iran to attack,” Haynesworth wrote in the follow-up post. “If that was a serious post which it wasn’t, I would be telling Iran Innocent Americans did not attack you. You are having beef with Donald Trump not innocent Americans! But most of the people that are getting pimped out by Donald Trump definitely don’t have a sense of humor!”

However, Haynesworth followed the deletion with several more posts attacking Trump and anyone who might support him."

Worst part of all this is that Haynesworth seems to have forgotten his past. He has a long list of legal troubles. From various traffic issues, one which even included reckless driving and reckless boating, to failure to pay child support.

For those of us who vaguely remember him as a ball player remember him as being needlessly violent on the field. Back in 2006 he was suspended for stomping on an opponent’s head which is serious considering Haynesworth is a six-foot-six defensive tackle who weighs 320-pounds. He was then suspended for 5 games from the NFL.

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