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  • Savannah Pointer

Air Force Makes New Rule to Accommodate Muslims

According to a recently released report by Unilad, the United States Air Force has officially updated it's dress code policy and approved Sikhs for and other items related to the Muslim faith for those serving in their branch of the military.

"Under the new guidelines, which have just recently been finalised, Muslims and Sikhs can wear turbans, beards, unshorn hair and hijabs, as long as their appearance is ‘neat and conservative,'" Unilad reported.

"A final review for the religious accommodation must take place within 30 days for the United States, and 60 days for all other cases, which means most people in the air force can expect the accommodation to continue throughout their career.

"Before the new guidelines, Sikhs and Muslims in the air force would have to make individual requests for religious accommodations, which would be decided on a case-by-case basis, in an often lengthy process. Now, the new accommodation should formally standardise the approval of wearing articles of faith."

Muslim advocates, however, are still unsatisfied with the changes made according to the report which stated that "the Sikh Coalition and the Sikh American Veterans Alliance (SAVA) are calling on the US military to allow religious minorities to serve without any exceptions."

"Sikhs have served honourably and capably in the US Armed Forces and other militaries around the world,’ staff attorney for the Sikh Coalition Giselle Klapper said according to Unilad.

"And, while we are eager for a blanket proclamation that all observant Sikh Americans can serve in every branch of the military without seeking accommodations, this policy clarification is a great step forward towards ensuring equality of opportunity and religious freedom in the Air Force."

Written by Savannah Pointer. Follow Savannah on Twitter

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