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A Message for The Forgotten Man & Woman from a Hollywood Actress!

My Dear Friends,

I hear you.

I know we are concerned, anxious, nervous and even scared.

We have questions, anger, and fears.

However, we have each other, and we have our faith in God.

We have fundamental truths that will not be wiped away because Pelosi or others attempt to establish new rules of life.

What happens in the next few days is on everyone’s mind.

What is important to remember, is that we must go forward. We can not sit and wait for things to happen to us. No matter what, we push forward.

We are awakening to the harsh reality of deceit, and rampant political corruption, and a less than just justice system. It has been that way for some time, but now it is painfully clear.

The hypocrisy and double standards on the Left and especially the Democrat Party are becoming more and more blatantly apparent. There seems to be no way to hold them accountable for their crimes or bad behavior.

The Republican Party seems to be little better.

However, there are those on the conservative side, whose goals I would describe as constitutionalist. Where we used to rely on the two parties to represent our political needs, we must now find a path, a way, that suits our constitutionalist ends.

Our reality has shifted dramatically in the last four years. But you and I remember what truth is.

Regardless of what happens on the 20th of this month, WE PUSH FORWARD.

We retain our fundamental values. We honor our country and our constitution. We do not fall back into the lull of appeasement. We stay awake, we sharpen our tools, our skills, our communication, our intellect, our instincts, and we rectify the imbalance of the pendulum’s swing, through the mass of our collective mission.

While we can hope for Trump, there is no magical or mystical individual upon whom we can thrust the weight of all our concerns. No matter who becomes our leader, we must also assume the responsibility for achieving our own constitutional ends.

We do not need to ride the fear. What we are afraid of, should be stimulating us to action.

“We The People”, means that We The People must look to one another, and recognize the call.

We The People must seize our God given rights, and capabilities, and live each day with what that means.

We The People, must do what needs to be done.

If we work together, we CAN achieve the ends we seek.

Invictus Maneo,

Samaire Sepielli Armstrong


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