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                 Unleashed Jeremy Hanson the World's only A-Political talk show!


As a former Republican and staunch supporter of Conservative Ideology, I can tell you my beliefs in government have evolved as I've learned that Democrats and Republicans have both joined together in a bi-partisanship movement aimed at destroying the rule of law and making it harder and harder for Americans like you and me to enjoy life.


Being A-Political is not about picking a side, but rather recognizing and coming to term with the illusion of sides. Politics, Government, Special Interests and Big Business have all became the ruling class of We The People!


Being A-Political recognizes that understanding greed, hate, division and even corruption does not make us anti-government, it only makes us anti government as usual.


Being A-Political means understanding that By The People and For The People requires a unification at a fundamental level.


A-Political is an understanding that powers that choose to enslave, divide and steal are conspiring together to give us the illusion instead of a choice. Make a real choice and hold all accountable for their actions. Not through political benefit but through the peoples benefit.


So join us in destroying the lies, unearthing the corruption and offering solutions for We The People through A-Political activism!


We The People shall be unified and act as one force!

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